The Philadelphia Estate Attorneys at Maloles Law Present at the Pyramid Club

photoOn July 30th, 2014,  Maloles Law trusts and estates attorneys Buneka J. Islam and Kathleen A. Maloles, sat down with their guests over lunch at the Pyramid Club to give a valuable presentation about Planning for Death and Incapacity.  The atmosphere was comfortable and pleasant for such a serious topic.  Among the attendants were guests of various ages and diverse occupations ranging from business development executives, educational resource strategists, small business owners, interior designers, real estate developers, employee of the U.S. Department of Public Health and Human Services, and social media strategists.  Despite everyone’s different stages in life, they all shared common interests in learning more about protecting their assets and how to avoid Orphans’ Court intervention and trusts and estates litigation by having the proper estate plan in place.  During the presentation, common misconceptions were brought up and addressed regarding what happens to your assets after you die and the audience was able to freely ask questions as follows:

  • Planning for complex situations such as protecting company assets versus independent assets;photo2
  • Leaving money to minors;
  • What happens when a corporate executor that was chosen is dissolved;
  • Appointing a successor fiduciary;
  • What happens to a company when the business owner dies;
  • Getting guardians in place;
  • Establishing a charitable trust;
  • Altering existing wills and how often; and
  • What to do with international assets, and having separate Wills in other countries.

Overall, the presentation was successful in setting everyone’s mind a little more at ease when planning for the next stage in life.

Maloles Law, LLC trusts and estate attorneys can speak to members of your organization and community or at your next event on the importance of estate planning.  The lawyers at Maloles Law, LLC can present at events and facilities in the following Pennsylvania Counties:  Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County, Wayne County, Monroe County and Lackawanna County. Our estate attorneys also offer estate planning advice in group and individual settings in New Jersey in the following counties:  Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Atlantic County, Ocean County, and Cape May County. If you would like our trust and estates attorney to present at your next event, please contact us at 215.600.1362 or via email at


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