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real estate law philadelphiaMaloles Law, LLC provides value-driven services to clients buying or selling a home in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.  From negotiations and inspections to disclosures and closings, we can assist with all aspects of the real estate transaction. We represent buyers or sellers in residential real estate sales or purchases with or without a realtor.  Since purchasing a home can be one of the biggest purchases you make in your lifetime, having an experienced attorney at Maloles Law, LLC counsel you through the process can help you avoid legal pitfalls that can cost you substantial financial losses should litigation ensue.

Clients are often not aware that real estate agents can only prepare forms and cannot draft clauses into an Agreement of Sale.  Having a lawyer review the Agreement of Sale ensures that the contract addresses any specific issues that might affect future use of the property.  In New Jersey, Buyers and Sellers only have three (3) days from the signing of the Agreement of Sale form provided by a realtor before the contract becomes legally binding.  Within those three (3) days, the Buyer or Seller can take the Agreement of Sale to an attorney to review the contract, make changes and draft any contingencies necessary to protect the clients’ needs.

Based in Center City Philadelphia, attorneys at Maloles Law, LLC also often represent clients who are executors or administrators that are presented with real property issues in connection with probating, administering and settling decedents’  Estates in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Having legal counsel makes good business sense because of the complexities that arise in the purchase or sale of real estate. An experienced, competent real estate attorney at Maloles Law, LLC can help to protect your interests and ensure that your real estate transaction adheres to the applicable rules of the states of Pennsylvania or New Jersey, and their respective municipalities.

Maloles Law, LLC’s comprehensive real estate law services can include:

  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing Agreement of Sale contracts
  • Drafting contingencies (mortgage, inspection, appraisal, etc.)
  • Reviewing inspection reports
  • Reviewing seller disclosures
  • Ordering title insurance
  • Reviewing title reports and advise clients as to title defects that can affect the property
  • Preparation or review of deeds and conveyancing
  • Analyzing the Settlement Statement or HUD-1
  • Attending the settlement or closing
  • Assisting clients with short sale transactions
  • Sale or purchase of properties from corporations or decedent’s estates
  • Buying or selling properties already under the foreclosure process
  • Assisting clients with refinancing their properties
  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions
  • Lease Drafting/Review


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